Privatization of the U.S. Air Traffic Control System

The United States Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) air traffic control system is the safest, most efficient, largest and most technically advanced in the world. All other countries around the world rely on U.S. developed technologies, standards, and procedures. Air traffic control privatization would create negative impacts for general aviation operators and manufacturers, aviation safety, rural and small communities, air traffic control modernization and ongoing certification and regulatory reform efforts.

Privatization of the U.S. air traffic control system is an extremely risky concept with little guarantee of rewards. Instead, the U.S. Congress, FAA and industry stakeholders should work on targeted changes to the current system that could be coupled with safety and regulatory improvements. Reforms like biennial budgeting, consolidating unneeded and outdated facilities, procurement, and certification reforms, and putting to use some of the balance from the Airways and Airport Trust Fund to expedite technology deployment can better address the FAA’s need to improve its ability to modernize the U.S. system.

Make Your Voice Heard

Send a letter: Send your representatives in the U.S. Congress a letter now telling them that the general aviation community stands united in opposition to legislation in the House of Representatives (H.R. 2997, The AIRR Act) that includes language to put the operation of the U.S. air traffic control system in the hands of a small board of private interests.

Call: Call your members of Congress, utilizing our toll free number, 855-265-9002, or the online House and Senate directories, and convey your concerns about the air traffic control privatization proposal in H.R. 2997.

Attend a meeting: Visit the Town Hall Project to see if your representatives are holding local events or town hall meetings, and attend to express your opposition to H.R. 2997.

Myths Versus Facts

We address some of the most prominent misconceptions about the air traffic control privatization proposal within H.R. 2997. Read GAMA’s myths versus facts sheet.

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