Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association Inc. (GAMA) is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information.  In this Privacy Notice, we explain how we use personal data that we may collect about you when you participate in GAMA activities and/or use GAMA’s website. By accessing GAMA’s website and / or using our services, including participating in a group, committee, or mailing list, you agree to GAMA’s Privacy Policy.

  • GAMA collects personal data provided by participants in GAMA activities and information from visitors about their uses of GAMA’s website. Data is retained consistent with GAMA’s Privacy Policy.
  • We use the information that we collect to support and enhance users’ experiences with GAMA, including providing users with requested services (g., committee memoranda or messaging from GAMA).
  • GAMA has, and will continue to implement, measures to protect your information and keep it secure.
  • We will respect your data protection rights and aim to give you control over your own information. If you tell us that you don’t want to receive committee memoranda and/or other messaging from GAMA, we will stop sending them. You can modify your personal information at any-time by logging in to your account or e-mailing us at

GAMA’s Privacy Policy is available at by clicking this link. If you have any additional questions, please contact GAMA’s Data Protection Officer at Membership Services ( | +1 (202) 393-1500).