European GA Data

GAMA-IAOPA Europe General Aviation Survey

The GAMA-IAOPA Europe General Aviation Survey is a step forward to gather European General Aviation data every year.

In order to make General Aviation in Europe safer, more affordable and more accessible to the wider public, GAMA and IAOPA have undertaken, with the support of EASA and AERO Messe, to improve the understanding of the size, scope and changes happening in GA across Europe. Accurate data about the aircraft and their operation is a fundamental enabler for both regulators and industry to successfully target safety improvement initiatives, promotion and rulemaking. Furthermore, more accurate data about General Aviation in Europe can be used to quantify the economic benefits this sector brings to European society and the economy. This is particularly valuable to support political advocacy, such as encouraging grants for new equipment, maintaining local airfields and advocating for more proportionate safety rules.

The aim of this survey is to reach the maximum possible number of aircraft owners/operators in the majority of the 32 EASA Member States every year to allow accurate and representative estimates to be made about General Aviation aircraft operation.

Individual Responses are confidential and will not be shared with either the public or regulators, nor will they be used for marketing or any other commercial purposes.

Aggregated Data (European, National or by aircraft category or operation category) will be made publicly available free of charge and shared with regulators such as EASA to support regulatory impact assessments and other uses. The results of previous year’s surveys can be found via the links below:

GAMA-IAOPA Europe GA Survey 2019-Final Results

GAMA-IAOPA Europe GA Survey 2020-Final Results: COMING SOON

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact