GAMA Technical Publications

EPIC Resource Paper: Addressing Gaps in Taxi Route Criteria for VTOL Movement (Version 1.0, April 2022)

EPIC Concept Paper: Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Datalink Communications: Enabling Highly Automated Aircraft and High-Density Operations in the National Airspace (Version 1.0 December 2021)

EPIC Resource Paper: Performance, Geometry, and Procedures to Enable Safe Operations at Heliports (Version 1.0, July 2021)

EPIC Whitepaper: Data Communications Considerations and Approaches for the Future (Version 1.0, April 2021)

Transitioning to Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) and Other Aircraft Equipped for Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO) –  Version 1.0 (Feb 2020)

Interim Procedure on Noise Certification for Emerging VTOL Aircraft Version1.0 (Oct2019)

A Rationale Construct for Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO); Whitepaper Version 1.0 (May2019)

GAMA Publication 20: Statements of Capability and Compliance (SOC) Documents to Support Streamlined U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Letter of Authorization (LOA) Process for Aircraft, Training, and Procedures; Note: These template documents are in draft pending on-going testing. Contact Jens Hennig via email for latest draft template. (Updated April 6, 2022.) Access February 2020 LOA Process Improvement Report. Aircraft-specific ASOC, TSOC, and PSOC documents may be obtained from the manufacturer, training provider, or manual vendor.
Aircraft Statement of Capability (ASOC) Template – April 6 2022 (Pre-IOC DRAFT) Example ASOC (Coming Soon)
Training Statement of Compliance (TSOC) Aircraft Specific, March 16, 2022 (Pre-IOC DRAFT) Example TSOC – Aircraft (Coming Soon)
Training Statement of Compliance (TSOC) Non-Aircraft Specific, March 16, 2022 (Pre-IOC Draft) Example TSOC – Non-Aircraft (Coming Soon)
Procedural Statement of Compliance (PSOC), September 29, 2020 (Pre-IOC Draft) Example PSOC (Coming Soon)

GAMA Publication 19: The Basics of Manufacturer Support for Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations (Version 3.0) (member-only access)

GAMA Publication 18: Aircraft in Maintenance Decal (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication 17: Recommended Practices and Guidelines for Conducting Evaluation Flights In the United States (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 16: Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Performance Measurement (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 15: Symbolic Messages (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 13: Acceptable Practices Document, Cabin Interior Monument Structural Substantiation Methods (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 12: Recommended Practices and Guidelines for an Integrated Cockpit/Flight Deck in a 14 CFR/Part 23 Certificated Airplane (Version 2.0)GAMA Publication 12 Version 2.0

GAMA Publication No. 11: ARINC 429 General Aviation Subset (Version 6.0)

GAMA Publication No. 10: Recommended Practices and Guidelines for Part 23 Cockpit/Flight Deck Design (Version 1.0) 

GAMA Specification No. 9: Electronic Publications Standard (Version 2.0)

GAMA Specification No. 7: Specification for Continuing Airworthiness Program (CAP) (Version 1.0)

GAMA Specification No. 5: Transition Training Master Syllabus (Version 2.0)

GAMA Specification No. 3: Specification for Decal to Minimize the Misfueling of General Aviation Aircraft (Version 1.0)

GAMA Specification No. 2: Specification for Manufacturers Maintenance Data (Version 1.1)

GAMA Specification No. 1: Specification for Pilot’s Operating Handbook (Version 2.0)

GAMA ASCB: Avionics Standard Communication Bus (Version C)

GAMA Avionics Standard Communication Bus (ASCB) (Version B)

GAMA CSDB: Commercial Standard Digital Bus (Version 9.0)

Guidelines for Establishing Anti-Money Laundering Procedures and Practices Related to the Purchase of General Aviation Aircraft (Version 1.0) Issued October 30, 2002