GAMA Technical Publications

Recommendations for Accelerating the Development of the Electric Aviation Sector in Europe (April 2024)

EPIC Resource Paper: Managing Range and Endurance of Battery-Electric Aircraft (Version 1.0, September 2023)

EPIC Resource Paper – Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft Entry Into Service (EIS) Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) Typical Capabilities List (TCL) (Version 1.0; September 1, 2023)

EPIC Resource Paper: Interoperability of Electric Charging Infrastructure (Version 1.0, August 2023)

EPIC Resource Paper: Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Hazards and Mitigations – Guidance for Ground Crew Handling Electric Aircraft (Version 1.0, September 2022)

EPIC Resource Paper: Addressing Gaps in Taxi Route Criteria for VTOL Movement (Version 1.0, April 2022)

EPIC Concept Paper: Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Datalink Communications: Enabling Highly Automated Aircraft and High-Density Operations in the National Airspace (Version 1.0 December 2021)

EPIC Resource Paper: Performance, Geometry, and Procedures to Enable Safe Operations at Heliports (Version 1.0, July 2021)

EPIC Whitepaper: Data Communications Considerations and Approaches for the Future (Version 1.0, April 2021)

Transitioning to Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) and Other Aircraft Equipped for Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO) –  Version 1.0 (Feb 2020)

Interim Procedure on Noise Certification for Emerging VTOL Aircraft Version1.0 (Oct2019)

A Rationale Construct for Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO); Whitepaper Version 1.0 (May2019)

GAMA Publication 20: Statements of Capability or Compliance (SOC) Documents to Support Streamlined U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Letter of Authorization (LOA) Process for Aircraft, Training, and Procedures (see also FAA Order 8900.1 CHG 790 from May 24, 2022).

The Aircraft Statement of Capability (ASOC) and Training Statement of Compliance (TSOC) document availability by aircraft manufacturer and Part 142 Training Centers is provided in PDF here. (Version May 17, 2023)

The SOC template documents are managed jointly jointly between FAA and industry stakeholders. The most recent version and also prior revisions of the template documents are available here:

Aircraft Statement of Capability: ASOC Template (with Instructions) (Revision 3: June 15, 2023)
Training Statement of Compliance: TSOC Aircraft Specific A056, C048, C052, C063, C073 (with Instructions) (Version: June 15, 2023)
Training Statement of Compliance: TSOC Non-Aircraft Specific B036, B039, B054 (with Instructions) (Version : June 15, 2023)
Manual / Procedure Statement of Compliance: PSOC Template (with Instructions) (Version: June 15, 2023)
Note: Contact Jens Hennig via email to confirm the latest template version.

Access to February 2020 LOA Process Improvement Report. The aircraft-specific ASOC, TSOC, and PSOC documents as opposed to the above templates may be obtained from the individual manufacturer, training provider, or manual vendor.

GAMA Publication 19: The Basics of Manufacturer Support for Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations (Version 3.0) (member-only access)

GAMA Publication 18: Aircraft in Maintenance Decal (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication 17: Recommended Practices and Guidelines for Conducting Evaluation Flights In the United States (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 16: Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Performance Measurement (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 15: Symbolic Messages (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 13: Acceptable Practices Document, Cabin Interior Monument Structural Substantiation Methods (Version 1.0)

GAMA Publication No. 12: Recommended Practices and Guidelines for an Integrated Cockpit/Flight Deck in a 14 CFR/Part 23 Certificated Airplane (Version 2.0)GAMA Publication 12 Version 2.0

GAMA Publication No. 11: ARINC 429 General Aviation Subset (Version 6.0)

GAMA Publication No. 10: Recommended Practices and Guidelines for Part 23 Cockpit/Flight Deck Design (Version 1.0) 

GAMA Specification No. 9: Electronic Publications Standard (Version 2.0)

GAMA Specification No. 7: Specification for Continuing Airworthiness Program (CAP) (Version 1.0)

GAMA Specification No. 5: Transition Training Master Syllabus (Version 2.0)

GAMA Specification No. 3: Specification for Decal to Minimize the Misfueling of General Aviation Aircraft (Version 1.0)

GAMA Specification No. 2: Specification for Manufacturers Maintenance Data (Version 1.1)

GAMA Specification No. 1: Specification for Pilot’s Operating Handbook (Version 2.0)

GAMA ASCB: Avionics Standard Communication Bus (Version C)

GAMA Avionics Standard Communication Bus (ASCB) (Version B)

GAMA CSDB: Commercial Standard Digital Bus (Version 9.0)

Guidelines for Establishing Anti-Money Laundering Procedures and Practices Related to the Purchase of General Aviation Aircraft (Version 1.0) Issued October 30, 2002