Standards Development Organizations

Standards have a greater ability to positively impact the supply chain, benefiting the entire marketplace, when done in coordination with all stakeholders. Over the last century, industries have been leveraging the tools and infrastructure provided by Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). Voluntary consensus SDOs provide industry with a neutral forum to exchange expertise and set standards for the marketplace. In addition to providing development and publishing services, they mentor industry through common challenges that often present while seeking consensus. Accredited SDOs often ensure procedural protections and valuable resources such as balloting, conflict resolution, due process and appeals, efficient training programs, and communications services to increase awareness about activities. Increasing awareness not only bring experts to table but also assists with early adoption of standards once they are readily available.

Learn more about the various SDOs supporting aviation and aerospace:
ASTM International
SAE International and ARINC IA

NOTE: SDOs listed on the GAMA website are the primary SDOs supporting aircraft parts, components, systems, and aircraft level technical areas.  Expanded details about their standards and other program offerings can be found on their websites. This listing does not attempt to list all committees or all SDOs supporting the global aerospace industry. Related committees are linked or listed to for ease of the user to identify related activities. Some SDOs’ Charters have broader or narrower industry applicability. Specifically, not all raw materials, testing, and manufacturing techniques have been included at this time.

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