Relationship to GA: RTCA is a private, not-for-profit association founded in 1935 as the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, now referred to simply as “RTCA.” RTCA has provided the foundation for virtually every modern technical advance in aviation. Its products serve as the basis for government certification of equipment used by the tens of thousands of aircraft flying daily through the world’s airspace. RTCA works with the FAA to develop comprehensive, industry-vetted, and endorsed standards that can be used as a means of compliance with FAA regulations. RTCA deliberations are open to the public and its products are developed by aviation community volunteers functioning in a consensus-based, collaborative, peer-reviewed environment.

Related Committees: Full Listing of Special Committees 
Website: www.rtca.org
Membership: Various categories, dues based on gross revenue. Detailed information
Voting: One vote per company.
Standards Access: Available print & online; approximate cost per standards $100-1800 USD. Free electronically to members.

Additional Resources:  
DO-160g Training
DO-178c Training
Supplements To DO-178c Training
DO-254 Training
Airworthiness Security Training
DO-297 Training
Guidance for Engineers: DO-178c Dal D Systems
Guidelines for Development Of Civil Aircraft And Systems (SAE ARP-4754a)
Management Seminar: DO-178b/C, DO-254 & SAE/ARP4754a

Additional information can be added as requested to standards@gama.aero.