Relationship to GA: ASD-STAN is an industrial association which establishes, develops and maintains standards on behalf of European Aerospace Industry. ASD-STAN is holding the CEN Technical Committee for Aerospace and developed more than 3,000 European Standards. Over 2,400 European Standards are published as the European Norm (EN) by CEN and its members (see here for more information about ASD-STAN). ASD-STAN covers several standardization areas in the Aerospace and Defense sector. See a list of subjects here.

Related Committees:
D02 Electrical 
D05 Autonomous Flying 
D06 Quality and Safety Management 
D08 Aeroengines & technologies
Membership: There are three levels of membership (1) National Level; (2) European Level; or (3) International Level. Annual membership fees range from 12,000-55,000€ per year for organizations. Individual expert may access working groups as non-members for 1,500€ per year per working group.
Voting: One vote per country.
Standards Access: Available online; approximate cost per standard 25-90€.

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