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GAMA Announces 2019 Year-End Aircraft Billing and Shipment Numbers

GAMA NEWS 20-10 For Immediate Release: Feb 19, 2020




GAMA Director of Communications:
Andre Castro

Released: February/19/2020

General Aviation
Manufacturers Association
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GAMA Announces 2019 Year-End Aircraft Billing and Shipment Numbers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) presented the 2019 year-end aircraft billing and shipment numbers, during its annual State of the Industry press conference.

In 2019, aircraft deliveries reached a value of $26.8 billion, an increase compared to $24.3 billion in 2018.  The number of piston airplane deliveries experienced the largest growth among the segments at 16.4 percent. Business jet deliveries were at their highest since 2009. Meanwhile, turboprop and helicopter deliveries decreased.

“The 2019 year-end numbers reveal that overall, the general aviation manufacturing industry is vibrant, although we are encountering headwinds in the rotorcraft sector. It is great to see two of our fixed wing sectors, piston airplane and business jet shipments, reached decade highs. Looking ahead, manufacturers are excited about the future, especially given the ongoing innovation in manufacturing that directly relates to safety and the progress being made in the development of supersonic and electrically propelled aircraft,” said GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce. “GAMA and its member companies will support this momentum and technological advancement through our workforce, sustainability, regulatory and legislative efforts.”

The piston engine airplane market in North America accounted for 66.4 percent of overall shipments. The second largest market for piston airplanes for the fifth year in a row was the Asia-Pacific market at 12.8 percent. Turboprop airplane shipments to North American customers accounted for 50.3 percent of the global deliveries. The second largest market for turboprop airplane deliveries was Latin America at 16.8 percent. The North American market accounted for 67.1 percent of business jet deliveries. The second largest market for business jet deliveries during the year was Europe at 14.3 percent.

Segment 2018 2019 Change
Piston Airplanes 1,137 1,324 +16.4%
Turboprops 592 525 -11.3%
Business Jets 703 809 +15.1
Total Airplane Units 2,432 2,658 +9.3
Total Airplane Billings $20.6B $23.5B +14.3%
Piston Rotorcraft 281 179 -36.3%
Turbine Rotorcraft (*) 698 640 -8.3%
Total Rotorcraft Units 979 819 -16.3%
Total Rotorcraft Billings $3.7B $3.3B -11.9%

*Leonardo Helicopters fourth quarter data is not available at the time of publication. Leonardo Helicopters will release year-end results in March. GAMA excluded 2018 fourth quarter data for Leonardo in the comparison table.

GAMA’s complete 2019 year-end report can be found at


GAMA is an international trade association representing over 100 of the world’s leading manufacturers of general aviation airplanes and rotorcraft, engines, avionics, components and related services. GAMA’s members also operate repair stations, fixed based operations, pilot and maintenance training facilities and manage fleets of aircraft. For more information, visit GAMA’s website at

Communications Director:
Andre Castro:
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Headquarters: (+1) 202-393-1500
European Office: (+32) 2 550-3900

GAMA exists to foster and advance the general welfare, safety, interests, and activities of the global business and general aviation industry. This includes promoting a better understanding of general aviation manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul and the important role these industry segments play in economic growth and opportunity, and in serving the critical transportation needs of communities, companies, and individuals worldwide.