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GAMA Supports U.S. Administration’s and Congressional Initiatives Promoting Sustainable Aviation Fuels

GAMA NEWS 21-40 For Immediate Release: Sep 10, 2021

Sep 10, 2021
Contact: Andre Castro


GAMA Supports U.S. Administration’s and Congressional Initiatives Promoting Sustainable Aviation Fuels

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is supporting the Biden Administration’s steps to expand the development, use and production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). A Fact Sheet, released by the Biden Administration, announced its planned actions to significantly bolster the future of sustainable fuels in aviation.

“We commend the Biden Administration for its commitment to boost the production, distribution and uptake of SAF. For years, the general and business aviation community has recognized that the increased use of SAF will play a key role in reducing aviation’s CO2 emissions and complements our continued innovative advancements in aircraft technologies,” said Pete Bunce, GAMA President and CEO. “It will be important for industry and government to work together on the elements of the administration’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge, which aims to increase the production of SAF to three billion gallons per year by 2030. GAMA, along with other industry stakeholders, has been working with the U.S. Congress on similar legislative solutions and we look forward to future progress on these initiatives. We also are eager to work with other policymakers and regulators to further advance SAF production and use worldwide.”

In coordination with the Biden Administration’s announcement of the proposed initiatives, GAMA President and CEO, Pete Bunce, participated in a White House Roundtable on Sustainable Aviation. During the roundtable, Bunce highlighted the commitment and accomplishments general and business aviation has made toward SAF and emphasized the technological progress manufacturers are making to enhance environmental sustainability.

GAMA is supportive of legislative initiatives that enhance the industry’s environmental sustainability, including a SAF Blenders Tax Credit, the creation of a SAF/Low Emission Technology Demonstration program, and additional industry-government partnerships that spur innovation such as NASA Aeronautics Research and Development and the FAA’s CLEEN and ASCENT programs. GAMA is also championing an initiative called the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Coordination and Leadership Act to foster the emerging AAM sector which is centered around new technology that bolsters sustainable transportation.

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