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GAMA Welcomes EASA Opinion on the Revision of Basic Regulation

GAMA NEWS 15-11 For Immediate Release: Mar 16, 2015

Brussels – Pete Bunce, President and CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), today welcomed the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)’s Opinion on the revision of the Agency’s Basic Regulation (EC No. 216/2008). This Regulation sets out the fundamental rules by which EASA operates, and covers the Agency’s mandate, its relationship with other authorities, and underpins all of the Agency’s rules, including initial and continued airworthiness, operations, and licencing.

Following this Opinion from EASA, the European Commission has signalled its intent to publish a proposal to update the Basic Regulation. This proposal will then be sent to the European Parliament and Council (EU Member States) for amendment and adoption.

“GAMA welcomes EASA’s publication of its future vision of the Agency,” Bunce said. “The forthcoming revision of its basic rules will be the broadest since the inception of EASA over 10 years ago, and we are encouraged to see the Agency’s focus on proportionate, risk-based regulation being enshrined into law. This is a unique opportunity to reflect the Agency’s newfound thinking on the better regulation of general aviation in particular. We commend this vision, and trust the European Commission will strongly develop these ideas when they publish their proposal later in the year.”

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